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Drawing on Ossabaw Island’s rich and complex cultural heritage, visitors come to the island to expand their factual knowledge or reveal their creative voice and talent, through cultural study and exploration.

Artist groups come to Ossabaw to interpret the island on canvas or through the camera lens. As video cameras roll, storytellers recount their lives on Ossabaw as part of Genesis Project or Ossabaw Island Project. Daytrip visitors learn about archeology and historic preservation efforts surrounding the 19th century-era tabby cabins.

Authors escape to the island to perfect their craft, and book clubs convene for in depth overnight discussions of works by those authors. Family memories come to life as former childhood residents return to the island for the first time since moving with their parents to the mainland. Revealing the African American Voices of Ossabaw Island.

The Ossabaw Island Foundation is committed to inspiring, promoting and managing exceptional cultural programs on Ossabaw. Those interested in conducting a cultural program on the island are encouraged to submit a proposal for review.


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Cultural Offerings