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Q: How many people does the Boarding House accommodate?

A: The Boarding House has bed space for 8 people; four bedrooms with 2 twin beds each. Two bedrooms have private bathrooms and 2 have a common bathroom.

Q:Is there a limit on group sizes?

A: Generally, 6 is the minimum. Fewer than six people are asked to pay the minimum six person fee for the first two nights. For day trips and primitive camping, the maximum is 30. For the Club House, the maximum is 22.

Q: How many bathrooms are there in the Boarding House?

A: There are 2 full bathrooms plus a half bath. The Boarding House features a custom outdoor shower.

Q: Do we need to bring pots and pans, eating utensils and plates etc?

A: No. There is a fully equipped kitchen. It has a stove and refrigerator, microwave and coffee maker. There are plates, glasses and flatware in each. We have a basic assortment of pots and pans as well. There is an ice machine at the Club House.

Q: Are bed linens provided?

A: Yes, we provide sheets, pillow cases one pillow and one blanket per bed. We also provide bath towels but NOT beach towels. Guests are welcome to bring their own pillows if they wish. Ours are standard “hotel” foam pillows. Additional blankets or sleeping bags are suggested during winter stays.

Q: Does the Boarding House have a washer and dryer?

A: No. There are no laundry facilities on Ossabaw Island for guests.

Q: Does the Boarding House have a dishwasher?

A: No. All dishes are washed by hand.

Q: Are pets permitted?

A: For reasons of safety, guests are not permitted to bring pets to the island.

Q: Can we bring bicycles?

A: Yes, if your boat captain is willing to transport the bicycle.

Q: Is there a BBQ grill available?

A: There is a small propane canister grill behind the Boarding House.

Q: Are there bugs on the island?

A: Generally speaking, yes. The level of mosquito activity is directly tied to rainfall. Gnats (No-See-Ums) can be pesky throughout the year. Frequently bugs can be a nuisance in some areas of the island but not others. We suggest guests bring bug repellant for flies and mosquitoes and Skin-So-Soft for gnats.

Q: Is the water safe to drink?

A: Yes. The water on the island is well water. Many people like the chemical free water, others prefer to bring their own bottled water.

Q: What else do guests need to know about staying in the Boarding House?

A: Guests need to provide their own toilet paper, dish soap, paper towels (if they use them) and trash bags (tall kitchen bags work well). Please Ossabaw is on septic systems, natural and petroleum-free soaps are encouraged. All guests take their trash/recycling off the island with them upon departure. See Accommodations sheet for information on Boarding House features.

The Boarding House has a NO SHOE POLICY inside, so guests may want to bring slippers or inside flip flops.

Q: Other things guests might want to bring?

A: Sunscreen, insect repellent, a sun hat, sunglasses with a cord, a flashlight, reusable water bottle, a daypack, journal, camera, sketchpad, comfortable walking shoes or light weight hiking boots, sturdy sandals or flip flops, a beach towel, small first aid kit, soap, all toiletries.


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FAQs about the Boarding House