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The field school took place on the Georgia Atlantic Coast on Sapelo and Ossabaw Isands.

Access to the islands are by boat only. Once on the island, students will be participating communal style living (rooms with bunk beds) with shared meals and duties. Bathroom and kitchen facilities will be located in the same building. There are no grocery stores, gas stations, laundrymats, etc. on the islands.

On Sapelo Island, students will participate in a shovel test survey on Kenan Field, a multi-component site occupied from the Late Archaic (4200 years ago) to AD 1700.

​On Ossabaw Island, students will be working at two sites- South End and Buckhead. The South End site contains archaeological midden deposits dating from Archaic up to plantation period components. Primary objectives on this site will be to document and record features that are actively eroding into the creek bank. On Buckhead, students will be excavating public and domestic architecture associated with a Late Mississippian village.

Students will learn about research design and implementation, basic archaeological field methods, shallow geophysical survey, topographic mapping, laboratory methods, and the archaeology of the Southeastern United States.

During the field school students will gain skills in shovel test survey, block excavations, and participate in a large-scale shallow geophysical survey using a RM-85 resistance meter as well as a SIR 3000 ground penetrating radar

Dates: June 1 to July 17th, 2015


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2015 UGA Field School