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The Ossabaw Island Foundation depends on your generous support.

Join the Rookery and visit Ossabaw!

Ossabaw Fund contributors of $1000 or more (our Rookery giving level) are invited to participate on any Ossabaw Island Foundation-sponsored day trip as our guest.

Rookery Giving Levels and Ticket quantities:

$1000 Two (2) Day Trip tickets.

$2000 Three (3) Day Trip tickets.

$3000 Four (4) Day Trip tickets.

$4000 Five (5) Day Trip tickets.

$5000 Six (6) Day Trip tickets.

$5001 - $10,000 Ten (10) Day Trip tickets.

Over $10,000 Private Day Trip for your group.

Financial gifts from individuals, corporate contributions, and grants from foundations and government comprise two-thirds of our annual budget. We are a 501-c-3 not-for-profit organization. Only one-third of our budget is supported by island use fees. Contributions to the Ossabaw Island Foundation help us to keep island visitor fees within reach of educational institutions who operate on limited budgets.

Click here to make an online contribution.

Thank you for your support!


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Ossabaw Island's Rookery Donors