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We are pleased to notify you that Ossabaw Island visits resumed Sunday, October 23. This is our first event since Hurricane Matthew paid a visit to Georgia on October 7/8.

General conditions of Ossabaw:

Ossabaw Island is a barrier island, designed by nature to take the brunt of major weather events and protect coastal Georgia from the impacts of serious storms like Hurricane Matthew.

Matthew is the first hurricane to hit the Georgia coast/Savannah area since 1979 (Hurricane David).

Here is a summary of the hurricane's impact on the island:

· Most of the damage to the interior of Ossabaw Island is limited to trees, roads and causeways.

· Fortunately, very few buildings were damaged. Both the Club House and the Boarding House sustained minor damages. The Club House porch roof has some damage, and there was some minor leaking in the Boarding House. However, both are ready to be occupied.

· The North End dock has some minor damage but is useable.

· Power, water, and are working at pre-hurricane levels.

· The historic tabby slave cabins (circa 1820-1840), the Field Lab, and the tabby smokehouse received no noticeable damage.

· The Torrey West House sustained only minor damage, but the road to the Torrey West Estate is impassable.

· The donkeys seem to be unfazed by the hurricane’s visit and are ready to see you all.

How Hurricane Matthew’s visit might affect your visit:

· All overnight accommodations are the same as pre-hurricane conditions.

· Outdoor meanderings can include the dock, the tabbies, and down the Main Road, as well as other North End areas.

· Many tree limbs are loosely hanging in trees, and some will probably continue to fall. Because Ossabaw Island is a State Heritage Preserve, the natural areas remain untouched, so most hurricane downed trees and limbs will remain in place permanently unless directly blocking roads.

Sandy West: Sandy West and other residents of her assisted living facility evacuated to an Augusta assisted living facility on Thursday night prior to the hurricane. Sandy had visitors there on Saturday. On Sunday, Robin Gunn visited her in Augusta and assisted her as she and other residents boarded a charter bus to return to their Savannah home. Sandy was alert and justifiably cranky, and eager to be reunited with her dog Toby, who stayed behind in Ardsley Park with Sandy's friend Lisa White. Sandy arrived back in Savannah on Sunday night; the facility's power is on and they are resuming normal life as best as possible.

All of our Ossabaw friends are safe.


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Ossabaw Island Update: Hurricane Matthew