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Colleges and universities, elementary, middle and high schools have been coming to Ossabaw Island in coastal Georgia to study since the 1960’s, when the Ossabaw Foundation established its Public Use and Education program.

Shorter College, in Rome, Georgia, was one of the first institutions to offer educational opportunities on Ossabaw, providing students a first-hand look at the ecosystems of a barrier island. For forty-three years Shorter continued to bring students to Ossabaw annually. Many universities and colleges from around Georgia and across the country have joined them in incorporating Ossabaw Island into their curriculum.

Public and private elementary, middle and high schools bring students to the island every year, as do Scout troops and home school groups from across the state.

A variety of natural history and cultural history educational day trips/programs [please click the "forms" button at the top of this site] are offered on the island by The Ossabaw Island Foundation. They are designed to enhance a group’s curriculum or meet a specific educational objective. Interpretive tours of the island are also available to day-use and overnight participants in educational, scientific, or cultural programs.

The Ossabaw Island Education Alliance was created in 2005 to make Ossabaw Island a nationally recognized college and university resource focusing on many disciplines. The Alliance is a partnership of The Ossabaw Island Foundation, The Georgia Department of Natural Resources and the State Board of Regents. Through this collaboration, funding is generated to support activities on the island, along with awareness of the potential of Ossabaw to a wide audience.

The Ossabaw Island Foundtion is committed to inspiring, promoting and managing exceptional educational programs on Ossabaw. Teachers, professors or educational administrators interested in conducting an educational program on the island are encouraged to submit a proposal [please click on our "forms" button at the top of this site] for review.


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Educational Activities on Ossabaw Island