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The Ossabaw Island Foundation (TOIF) is responsible for public use and education initiatives on Ossabaw Island, a 26,000 acre barrier island on the Atlantic Coast in Chatham County, Georgia.

Established in 1994, we are a public, 501(c)3 charitable corporation governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees.

We operate through a use agreement with the State of Georgia, administered through the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). TOIF facilitates day trips and overnight stays on Ossabaw Island by approximately 1,500 to 2,000 people each year for educational, cultural, or scientific activities.

Funding for the Ossabaw Island Foundation is raised through private donations, grants, and program fees.

Current or recent TOIF activities:

--Restore and maintain historic buildings on the island for use by visitors or for historic interpretation--the clubhouse, tabbies, boarding house.

---Assist with preservation and maintenance of the Main House.

--Provide or assist with programming for all visitors to the island.

-- Independently, and with The Ossabaw Island Education Alliance, assist outside entities in securing grants for education, research, historic preservation, culture, science and other activities on or related to Ossabaw Island.

--Lead efforts to install and maintain 21st century technological infrastructure, including on-island electricity, on-island wireless internet, and this Ossabaw Island website.

Our vision statement: To reveal the voices and mystery of Ossabaw Island.

Our mission statement:

“The non-profit Ossabaw Island Foundation, through a public-private partnership with the State of Georgia, inspires, promotes and manages exceptional educational, cultural and scientific resources that are designed to maximize the experience of Ossabaw Island, while minimizing the impact on its resources.”

We welcome your support. To contribute, click here or contact us for additional information.


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The Ossabaw Island Foundation