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Coastal Nature / Coastal Culture

Coastal Nature / Coastal Culture

Environmental Histories of the Georgia Coast

Why does the Georgia coast matter?

For three days in February 2016, symposium attendees shared how 5,000 years of people and cultures influenced, and were shaped by, Georgia’s 100 mile coastline of barrier islands and lowcountry.  Ten leading history scholars presented original research on critical topics, revealing how the past has shaped the present and could affect the future.

Symposium On-the-Go

Coastal Nature / Coastal Culture was a first-of-its-kind symposium. It built a much-needed bridge between the history of the American South and the booming field of environmental history.

Watch and listen to how changing landscapes on Georgia’s coastal plain reflect the interaction of different visions and cultures with the natural environment.

Click here for  symposium videos.

Coastal Nature / Coastal Culture


Edited by Paul S. Sutter and Paul M. Pressly


“Coastal Nature, Coastal Culture is a collection of papers presented at the 2016 Ossabaw Foundation symposium, outlining the environmental history

of this island as well as others along the Georgia coast.


The region has a unique expanse of diverse human history that these papers explore, telling stories of inhabitants from the Native Americans and

Spanish missionaries to enslaved African Americans and vacationing northerners.


With modern conservation efforts underway along the Georgia coast, the stories suggest preservation of coastal culture is just as important as

preservation of coastal nature.”  University of Georgia Press