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Science Research Protocol Download & Application Form Link

Ossabaw Island Education Alliance Science Research protocol is listed below or download in PDF format.


Scientific Research Proposal Forms should be submitted by those interested in conducting professional research on Ossabaw Island in an environmentally safe and sound manner using acceptable scientific procedures that meet the highest level of protocol.

  1. Proposals will include the following components:

    1. Explicit research design. All proposals to conduct research must be accompanied by a prospectus demonstrating how the research is appropriate for Ossabaw Island and an abstract with details on the scope, objective, field techniques, and evaluation methods. Research objectives, methods, and expected results should be discussed. The research design must include a time line. The time line must contain operational details including personnel to be used on the site so that entrance and exit as well as vehicular access can be planned.
    2. Specific information regarding how the research results will benefit GA- DNR and the constituencies it serves.
    3. Documentation of institutional support to undertake and complete the project in its entirety.
    4. A budget for the project, including expected costs for housing and boat transportation.
    5. A statement of technical and logistical assistance needed while on the island.
    6. A description of the habitat in which study will be conducted (e.g. upland live oak forest.)
    7. A description and brief justification of any destructive sampling methods (e.g. all tree seedlings less than 2 cm stem diameter will be removed in each of ten quarter hectare plots in order to determine …)

    1. All proposed research will be undertaken in accordance with DNR policies
    2. and procedures. Researchers will be restricted on DNR properties during managed hunts. Projects must be consistent with the Comprehensive Management Plan for Ossabaw Island.
    3. All research on Ossabaw Island should be conducted in an environmentally safe and sound manner, meeting the highest level of protocol. This includes not using toxic substances and removal of all project and waste materials in a timely fashion.
    4. All required state and federal permits, if pertinent, must be secured before final approval is granted.
    5. The Education Alliance coordinates and assists research efforts.
  3. Products

    1. Research proposals must include specific plans on how the results will be shared with DNR and the larger public. It is expected there will be an educational component.
    2. A draft report must be submitted to DNR within one year of project initiation. Final results, peer-reviewed papers, and technical reports related to research conducted on Ossabaw Island must be shared with DNR, The Ossabaw Island Foundation and the Education Alliance.
    3. A final report is required in a timely fashion.
  4. Proposal Review

    1. Researchers will submit the proposal to the Program Coordinator of the Ossabaw Island Education Alliance and a copy to the DNR manager of Ossabaw Island.
    2. An Advisory Committee will consider the proposal and make a recommendation to DNR. The membership of the Committee consists of the manager of Ossabaw Island, an appropriate Wildlife Resources staff person (depending on the subject matter), a representative of the science community, and the coordinator for the Education Alliance.
    3. The Committee may elect to request comments by outside experts.
    4. Following review, the proposal shall be forwarded to the Chief of Game Management Section, Wildlife Resources Division, for approval.
  5. Guidelines for Research Projects

    1. Projects should be applicable to management and interpretation issues facing the island.
    2. Projects should promote an understanding of barrier island eco-systems.